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One goal of Gas Consultants, Inc. (GCI) is to help U.S and foreign manufacturers enter foreign and U.S. markets with products that meet all the safety, energy and emission requirements of those countries.

Gas Consultants, Inc. focuses on ANSI Z21/Z83, UL and CE standards. Utilizing partnerships with agencies such as ETL (Intertek), UL, CSA and SCAQMD, Gas Consultants, Inc. generates the data and submits it to the agency of the manufacturer's choice, streamlining the design process.

Through its sister company Burner Technology Unlimited, GCI sits on the ANSI Z21/Z83 parent committee and works on the technical committee for several individual standards. This gives GCI the unique ability to know what changes are going to happen in the standards ahead of time, eliminating unnecessary design work in the future.

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